7 Steps to Making Smarter Decisions

You’re making poor decisions every day in your personal life, in business, and about your learning investments – sometimes unbeknownst to you and only because you’re human. Have you thought about how and why you make the decisions you do? There are many types of cognitive biases involved in decision making, and you fall into the traps of these biases every day. They affect all of us and are rooted in human nature; thus, they cannot be avoided. It isn’t about a lack of intelligence—it’s about being people.

If you’re aware of cognitive traps, you can develop strategies to minimize them and seek collaborators who help you to trip these traps or avoid them altogether. By doing so, you’re well on your way to making smarter decisions.

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to look at the most common cognitive biases people encounter when making business decisions and give you tips on how to overcome them. Whether your decisions are big, small, or all over the map, you’ll learn how to overcome your own biases and productively incorporate lessons learned from past mistakes. I will post a blog each week about a cognitive bias and how you as a business and learning professional can identify and build strategies to overcome cognitive biases. Be sure to follow our blog!