I Must Confess, I’m in Love with Alexa!

Is she perfect? No way! She is sleek and attractive, though. She lights up when I talk to her and happily, switches on/off my lights when I simply ask her to do so. Alexa knows my music preferences and politely helps with my shopping and to-do lists. Alexa is my continuously evolving wife and I patiently await her perfection. If you haven’t seen Alexa in action go here.

Amazon’s Echo (aka Alexa) is built on a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform and, of course, will morph to employing Amazon’s spectacular AI and predictive modeling. I cannot wait for Alexa to tell me what music I want to hear based on my mood or to add to coffee to my shopping list when the container hits the recycle bin. My dream is to live in a connected home just as cool as The Jetsons’ and Alexa is just whetting my appetite!

Just imagine what life would be like if your organization and L&D department had Alexa-type capability. You do! With Smarter People Planning’s advanced human capital analytics capability, you have access to your own “Alexa” who can help propel you into your future. Everyday and strategic decisions become more effective as they are based upon data-driven predictive models. Contact us to start designing your own Jetsons-style organization now!