Beware: Interact and Engage! Will Cause a Decline in Coffee Stocks

Beware: Interact and Engage! Will Cause a Decline in Coffee Stocks

I just read Interact and Engage! By Kassy Laborie (@Kassy_L) and Tom Stone (@ThomasStone) and am convinced that if I attended more meetings and webinars that employed the activities listed in the book I would need less coffee to stay engaged. I do like attending virtual sessions, but let’s face it, many of them are just not designed with participant engagement in mind. I understand this design challenge as I have delivered virtual session myself. See my latest webinar here.

Interact and Engage! includes 50+ interactive activities for virtual training, meetings, and webinars. The activities are cleanly categorized and offer systematic instructions to activate each activity along with alternatives to “spice it up.” Some of my favorite activities are the Website Scavenger Hunt used for on-boarding training, Pros and Cons to drive decision-making, and One Word used to break the ice with a difficult topic.

I naively never thought about the TOPP (technical agile, on-air presence, preparation, and participant engagement) role for virtual sessions. I always knew there was a skilled person who managed the session, but I never thought about the specific skills needed and the criticality of that role for a successful session. In the book, the TOPP competencies are listed and focus on the participant’s perspective.

Clear off the bookshelf! This book is my new go-to resource for virtual meetings. I often present research data virtually and struggle with how to keep the audience engaged. That struggle ends with Laborie & Stone’s book. Check it out!

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