Create A Smarter Evaluation Report To Bring In Leveraged Funding

Create A Smarter Evaluation Report To Bring In Leveraged Funding

CareerEdge Funders Collaborative (CEFC) is a Florida-based non-profit workforce collaborative that provides training and resources to the region’s incumbent employees and jobseekers. CEFC partners with growing industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation, distribution & logistics. CEFC has been a poster child for regional workforce collaboratives since its inception in 2010 because of their influential partnership model and continuous demonstrable impact.

Smarter People Planning (SPP) recently completed CEFC’s five-year impact evaluation and revealed that in the past five years CEFC has made a huge impact on the regional community by:

  • training 3,142 people,

  • creating 1,212 new jobs, and

  • generating $23.4M in new wages and raises

all through partnerships with 75 local employers and the local community.

Now, how can CEFC promote the five-year impact findings to leverage funding from other sources for an even BIGGER ten-year impact?

CEFC needs to engage and persuade their current and potential funders that the impact is real and that additional funding will drive an even greater regional impact. They plan to do this by socializing the current impact evaluation findings and successes.

SPP delivered a modularized report to allow CEFC to easily socialize the impact findings. The final evaluation report is visual and graphically driven to quickly engage all stakeholders. Gone are the days of text heavy doorstop written reports that no one reads and are difficult to socialize. The SPP reports are designed so stakeholders can easily share the outcomes by plucking out any standalone slide and incorporating it into other presentations or by sharing slides individually on an as-needed basis. Not only does CEFC use the modularized report for real time conversations, they also report the impact metrics in multiple places and in multiple formats for easy consumption such as

With this multi-prong communication and socialization strategy of evaluation results, CEFC uses impact results to easily engage and inform funders and the community. Thus, a smart evaluation report with a smart socialization strategy is a powerful arsenal that can drive leveraged funding!

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