Human Capital Analytics Modeled by “The 13 Keys to the Whitehouse”

Have you heard of The 13 Keys to the Whitehouse?  If not, check it out here.  The 13 Keys model is a retrospective (historical) predictive model for determining the outcome of presidential elections.  The 13 Keys have retrospectively predicted the 1860-1980 and forecasted the 1984-2012 elections.  Predictive models work! Based on my very active and current knowledge of the political landscape, applying The 13 Keys, if the election were held today it would be a very close race... no elephant or donkey landslide!  However, the near-term outcomes of the Iran nuclear deal may very well be the tipping point sans all the other rhetoric.

Much like the success of The 13 Keys to the Whitehouse model, I urge organizations to establish their own predictive Keys to Organizational Success! How?  With human capital analytics, of course!  Build your own predictive model with mini-experiments and visual hypotheses to continue your data-driven decision-making journey!  Smarter People Planning has advanced analytics capability to convert “The 13 Keys to the Whitehouse” probability model to a “Keys to Organizational Success” model by assessing the probability of human capital success. Contact us to discuss.