Insights from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center's Analytics Journey

Through a multi-pronged partnership among the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, @Smarter People Planning, and @Vestrics, we present the results of a quasi-experimental predictive analytic study on a @Skillsoft webinar. This study enabled UT Southwestern to advance from descriptive analyzes to predictive to achieve with the goal of becoming more sophisticated in analyses of HR investments to mirror the broader organization.

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The big aha: We discovered that centralizing learning assets through a web portal for employees significantly predicted performance. Those with higher performance scores employed the learning web portal, completed more learning assets, and were more engaged. More engaged employees at UT Southwestern Medical Center = better patient care!

The majority of webinar attendees were just beginning the predictive analytics journey. On the webinar we discuss the UT Southwestern Vestrics-inspired measurement map, the design process, how we selected the metrics, how and where data were collected, how the data were analyzed, the resulting outcomes, and the strategic insight yielded.

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