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By Stacey Boyle, PhD, and Diana Thomas, MBA

Have you been instructed to be more strategic? Is leadership asking you to show results of learning investments? Are you struggling to build a chain of evidence that shows learning’s impact?

These are some very real concerns shared by so many of our colleagues and clients in the learning industry. A little over a year ago, we collaborated on an article titled "Don’t Overengineer Your Measurement Strategy" and received an overwhelming response from industry veterans and novices alike. First, they agreed that a simplified approach to measurement and analytics was desperately needed. Second, they wanted to know how to get it done!

We began discussing the idea of writing a book about simplifying measurement in order to build a winning learning organization. We quickly realized that, while measurement was the obvious pain point, there was another contributing factor to L&D’s struggles in this area: a lack of strategic leadership capabilities.

Tune in to any industry publication, conference, blog, or other online discussion, and you’ll find no shortage of talk about the pace of change in L&D. Technology, content, generational shifts, and workforce evolution all mean there’s a lot on the plate of every L&D leader. When the pace of change becomes relentless, you must be nimble. You must also be grounded. The need for strategic leadership from L&D is the one thing we feel confident saying will never change. A strategic leader is tuned in to the needs of the business, understands how L&D impacts corporate objectives, and uses data to make smart decisions.

Our holistic approach to building and managing L&D is a perfect marriage of our backgrounds and skillsets. Diana Thomas brings many years of L&D leadership experience as former VP of Learning and Development for McDonald’s Corporation, as well as insights into the struggles of today’s learning leaders via her coaching business and work with CLO’s Accelerator Class. Stacey Boyle, PhD, brings an evaluation background combined with business sense honed over many years working with L&D leaders across a variety of industries, all of whom wrestled with that perennial question of demonstrating the value of training investments.

We’re very excited to announce our upcoming book that will equip L&D leaders to run a thriving, business-focused organization—whether that means you’re curating content, managing technology, facilitating gamification, or something completely new. We firmly believe that the technologies and modalities will never stop changing, and the need for strategic leadership from L&D will never disappear.

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