Things to Remember as a Leader

Things to Remember as a Leader

When you are a leader, you need to determine:
Who you are;
What you are committed to accomplishing;
What is missing in your plan?

During this process, remember:

The goal is not to make a decision, it is to make sure the best decision is made

  • Leaders process large amounts of ambiguous information

  • Must translate this information into creative solutions for complex problems

Sense what you want to achieve, then ask followers to commit and create

  • Otherwise, you will have circumstantial drift

  • Parents coach based on possibility, not past...say to kids “yes you can”

  • Leaders must make developing organizational talent a priority

  • A leader is only as good as his/her followers are executing!

Alignment is not agreement

  • Not about getting certainty, but clarity instead

  • Followers resist, commonly with “Not invented here” syndrome

  • Know, understand and effectively balance the conflicting stakeholder needs

  • Adjust communication style to positively and best influence others

How do your followers perceive your leadership?

Ford Pinto
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