Built a comprehensive Learning & Development measurement strategy and conducted cross-industry benchmarking for a Fortune 100 quick service restaurant.


  • Created a Learning & Development measurement framework that benchmarks with the most elite Learning & Development organizations.

  • The client funded and established a measurement department that fundamentally changed their training method based on the recommendations.

  • Received multiple awards and recognitions, including second overall when benchmarked with the most elite Learning & Development organizations.

For one of the world’s largest fast food restaurants, their U.S. Learning and Development department wanted to enhance their approach to analytics and measurement to drive greater organizational value. The Chief Learning Officer had a desire to be benchmarked against world class Learning & Development organizations outside of their industry. Smarter People Planning Partners conducted a comprehensive gap analysis of current capabilities, measurement processes, outcomes, reporting, and stakeholder expectations to develop an analytical framework employing advanced measurement practices. Current gaps in Learning & Development measurement were identified and recommendations made to bring the client to the world class level.

The client is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants service around 68 million customers daily.

The client had a fragmented Learning & Development measurement function and knew they needed a more strategic focus to enhance their analytics and reporting. They received feedback from Learning & Development benchmarking efforts that their approach to measurement was not on par with other world class organizations.

The solution was to conduct an analysis of the current Learning & Development measurement strategy and compare that to the most elite Learning & Development organizations to identify gaps and make phased recommendations to close the gaps. The final solution was for the client to conduct cross-industry benchmarks with other world class Learning & Development organizations.

The insights yielded from the gap analysis and cross-industry benchmarking drove the client to fund and establish a world class measurement department that resulted in them being recognized and one of the most elite learning and development organizations for many consecutive years. They are now the organization by which others are benchmarked against.